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If you don’t already know of eNicaR Records, I’d like to invite you to read on as the operation they run might interest you. eNicaR Records is an independent record label that was established in 2004 in a small city of Racine Wisconsin, which is about 15 minutes south of Milwaukee. The label was started by Racine locals Andreas Oliver and Jon Friso, who at the time were really just looking for a name to release music under. Since then, eNicaR Records has become one of the most popular labels and music movements in the cheese state, known mostly for their unique sound, and creative promotional and advertising tactics. eNicaR Records functions similar to the way independent artists did in larger cities before the internet became popular. They’ve sold thousands of records “out of the trunk” style, and have independently booked several hundred live concerts in bars and nightclubs around Wisconsin and Illinois. eNicaR Records has also scored radio play for roster artist Mr. Frizo, on college, independent, and even commercial radio stations local to Milwaukee and Chicago. Aside from pushing only roster artists, eNicaR Records has played a huge role in hundreds of other artists around the state, getting in front of crowds and performing live. Today, eNicaR Records houses some of the best talent in the midwest including DJ Sham who’s been known as the areas hottest DJ for years. The label has several things on the list of “things to do” in 2012, and this could quite possibly bring life back to the Milwaukee area hip hop scene.

Speaking of the Milwaukee area hip hop scene. Let’s face it, not much has happened lately. It seems that the unsigned artists in the area (and everywhere i’m sure) are more concerned with getting Facebook “likes” to their music pages, rather than getting out and physically distributing albums. The number of things fans of artists have to look forward to is dwindling down to nothing. What happened to artists getting out to the public to promote? I can’t tell you the last time an artist approached me in public to make me aware of his/her music. But I CAN tell you that I get anywhere from 20-50 “event invites” a day on Facebook. Ok so an event is cool. Maybe I’ll go check it out. But usually, I just end up disappointed that I paid a cover charge to come into a place that is charging high prices for drinks. Add to that the fact that there’s about 20 different acts on the bill that all sound the same and have clearly not practiced any sort of live performance routine. I’m likely to leave early and not feel the urge to come back.

Of coarse, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But with that being said, eNicaR Records is focused on bringing back the real things that people love so much about underground music! The fun at the concerts, with great live music performances, raffles, real DJ’s that spin on vinyl, prizes, games, and crowd involvement. Along with new albums and projects on the way featuring Mr. Frizo, DJ Sham, A.O., and features from other artists in the area that will not yet be announced. eNicaR Records has recently paired up with the Technics Crime Family DJ’s which is a group of real vinyl DJ’s that throw down real DJ sets and performances. They also have a long network reach. Rather than being a group of DJ’s all local to one city, these guys are spread out from Milwaukee to Chicago. Most people who are new to the night scene have never even seen a real DJ “throw down”. It’s one thing to walk into a venue that has a DJ. It’s another thing to actually watch and listen to a DJ perform, which when done by a good DJ, is pretty amazing actually. Let’s not forget that without the DJ, hip hop may not even exist.

First things first, eNicaR Records is bringing back the weekly Friday night party. It’s been quite some time since the label has had a weekly residency anywhere, the last time being at Bobby Rockets every Friday in 2009. (If you’re familiar with the Bobby Rockets hip hop Fridays then you know that they were worth the trip to Lyons, WI. Regardless of where you were from). “Party People Fridays” will take place at Liquid Hideout in South Milwaukee every Friday starting May, 5th 2012. “Liquid Hideout is old”, you might say. But not to worry, the whole format is being changed up. There will only be 2-3 short performances per week, from artists who have a stage set perfected and ready to go. Live performances will also take place early in the night around 10:30PM and will last until 11:00PM. There will be a 5$ cover charge at the door, but without disappointment. Everyone who enters will get free cd’s from the acts and DJ’s who are playing, and the drink prices will be cheaper than what Liquid Hideout currently offers. If you visit the Liquid Hideout frequently, you know they never have a cover charge. But you’re gonna end up saving money by paying the cover charge because of negotiations that eNicaR Records has worked out with the venue. We encourage everybody to attend the Friday nights as you will not be disappointed. BUT if you’re just too far away to make it you have nothing to worry about, as the label plans to announce midwest tour dates in late spring of this year with the release of a new album from Mr. Frizo! Cities will include Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Fon Du Lac, West Bend, Whitewater, Waukesha, Burlington, Antioch, Joliet, Elgin, and Chicago.

eNicaR Records will also be looking for and accepting submissions from new artists, producers, and promoters. What’s the best way to get in contact with eNicaR Records? Online of coarse, but everybody is online. The label receives submissions daily through email and those don’t get checked too often honestly. Instead, find them at an event. Qualified candidates should be outgoing, motivated, and have some type of fan base already established outside of the internet. The label is looking for producers and artists who sound different, and promoters who have real life connections. Also needed is session players for guitar, keyboard/piano, and background vocals. So if you’re the type of person who has talent playing instruments and/or signing, you might be able to make a few extra bucks doing session work.

Make sure to follow eNicaR Records on Facebook and Twitter for updates, news, concert announcements, videos, free downloads, and new music. If eNicaR Records isn’t your favorite music movement yet, it soon will be.


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